The New Year - Dawn or Dusk?

December 30, 2013  •  4 Comments

Delapidated DoorwayEven the most dilapidated door holds promise. What lies in the darkness beyond?   It had been a night of sound sleep; sleep so deep that as I began to awaken I didn't know where I was. I didn't know whether I'd been asleep for moments, or hours, or perhaps days.  The grey light that shone dimly through my windows could mean the beginning or the end of the day. That semi-conscious space was itself so peaceful that I felt the need neither to step through the doorway of continued slumber nor to pass through to wakefulness. Then I heard it; the rooster crowed.  A new day had dawned. But recalling the confusion and wonder of the preceding moments I pondered what it may be like to awaken without the contextual clues necessary to recognize time and place. Even my sleep dimmed faculties recognized the symbolic power of the moment. 

Our lives are filled with times of transition, and this week we celebrate one that is universally recognized - the "ringing in" of the the New Year.  Like every such transition it brings with it a note of uncertainty.  We may wish one another a "Happy New Year", hoping the next year will be better than the last, that suffering and loss will be left behind while peace and joy fill the days ahead. But really we know that the year will bring for most of us both sorrow and joy. Passing through the door to a new year exposes us to risks and danger.  And like all such liminal moments the New Year may, if we will allow it, open the way to great adventure, to new opportunities to learn and serve. We may discover the door into our deeper selves, or pathways into the hearts of others. But just as with the passage from wakefulness to sleep, pass we must.  We may linger in the doorway for a while, but we cannot remain there.  We must go on.

As I contemplated that dreamlike state the words in the photograph below came to me.  In those days just over a year ago I had found great peace at Frogmore Farm had attained a sense of purpose and accomplishment in my part-time work. Yet I knew my mother's passing was drawing near. I cannot say I am thankful for all that I experienced in the weeks to come, but I am thankful for that one moment of confusion which led to an experience of profound clarity. 


Dawn or Dusk?(Please click photo for larger view)


Frogmore Focus
Wow! I am impressed and appreciative of the insightful comments from people so dear to me!
Is it dawn or dusk? Yes.
Does light come or withdraw? Yes.
Am I awake or dreaming? Most certainly!

Ah! Then I too am content, thankful for the people who enrich my life, and overflowing with wishes that your New Day and New Year will bring you great joy and deep peace.
John Roche
Happy New Year... or just Happy New Day? either way, you start fresh. Realizing the past is done, there's no changing it; the future is yet to happen, no sense fearing it. That leaves today and what we are right now, so enjoy the "present".

John, I understand your comments, as you remember I had a long sleep filled with so many life altering "visions" and when I awoke I was surrounded by family. That is what's important; family. Weither it is by birth, by faith or by choice, enjoy them now. They are the light and they never really fade away.

I know I am rambling I blame it on the meds, but I am content right now, I realize where I am in life blessed to consider you friend, mentor, and family; so I wish a Happy New You... every morning.
The vast world of indifference is where we should all relish the time and places we have been and will yet go. For I have come to see that I am not in stress or duress as I am in a state of knowing I have come to a cross roads of life. Will it be this or that for no one knows yet I know that events and places as well as faces will change as I will for the better in this new year that will embark upon us as the wheel of times grinds slowly forward to yet another time and space of reality for all
That semi-lucid dream state where sense of place is at odds with physical place is common when I travel as I have this month. Road trips, flights, familiar places and new places merge into an uncertain mashup that seems real but is most certainly not correct as sleep gives way to awareness not quite fully formed. Where am I today? What is next? What was missed? Questions we should ask ourselves more in cognitive self-reflection than merely to clear the morning cobwebs.
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