Adam Despang(non-registered)
Beautiful photography! It was a pleasure meeting you today at Alligator lake. Your pictures are a great resource to witness local wildlife as it is now and has changed over time. Can't wait to see the shots from today!
Juanita Baker(non-registered)
Really like your singing House Wren...great and typical pose with it's tail erect. And all Wrens are noted for their huge voice! Carolina also singing his heart out! Another Favorite is your female Red-winged Blackbird...such lovely patterning of the feathers on its wing! Your focus is superb on all the photos
trądzik różowaty jak leczyć(non-registered)
trądzik różowaty jak leczyć
Herb Ellis(non-registered)
John, I enjoyed meeting you today at Alligator Lake Park. Now, I have looked at less than half of your photographs on this web sight and I am very impressed with the quality of your images. I will continue to go to this web page until I have seen every image. I hope you will consider exhibiting your work at the Gateway Art Gallery in Lake City. Keep up the beautiful work. Herb Ellis
Angi Goodbread & Ava Mooring(non-registered)
We just left Frogmore Farm and before we left were slready
Talking about our next visit! Uncle John it was a pleasure meeting
you. Our dinner conversations will be always in my memory and
frequently revisited. Meal time was a tastebud explosion of nothing but
the finest fresh farm food fixed by three of the most creative chef's John,
MaryAnne and Hampton! Had a wonderful time and look forward to many
more visits!
Please e-mail
Thank you
Lorraine Roche Hjelm(non-registered)
Had to take a stroll through your photos again. I always find peace and am amazed at the beauty in the nature all around us. Thank you, John, for sharing with us!
Sally Paulson(non-registered)
Beautiful photos and thoughtful writing - what a joy! Thanks to Tom Aycock for letting me know about Frogmore Focus!
connor Buchanan(non-registered)
Mr. Middleton you have an amazing talent for photography. And you are a great teacher. Keep up the good work
Patricia Powers(non-registered)
It is so true...seeing the world around us so alive thru the lens of a camera! I bought a camera to improve my skills photographing my cavaliers and explore the natural beauty of the low country. I regret I do not have a zoom lens but so enjoy exploration; another way of seeing the great tapestry created by the most powerful artist for all time, God! You provide great inspiration and beautiful images to touch the soul. Thank you, John.
MaryAnne Aycock(non-registered)
This is beautiful! I am so happy to be able to share your beautiful photos , writings and recipes with my friends. You are amazing !!
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